Select Manufacturing Group specializes in product development and full service contract manufacturing.  We serve customers across many different industries and verticals i.e. Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Military and Defense.  We have several offices across the United States. Our primary manufacturing facility is located in Franklin, OH but we have sales offices in California and Texas and strive to provide our community and customers with loyalty and support.

Our team of employees consists of over 30 years of manufacturing experience.  SMG on capitalizing on every year of knowledge to provide a value added solution to the end customer.

Our Mission Statement:

Select Manufacturing Group will design, develop, manufacture, inventory, and distribute our customer’s products.  We will make sure that our flow of communication is streamlined and efficient in achieving our customer’s needs.  We are here to fully support our customer and reduce the supplier management and qualification costs that are associated within the various degrees of manufacturing and their processes.  We will support our customers to the best of our ability and make sure that their satisfaction is 100%.

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