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With over 30 years of pattern fabrication, mold making, foundry and machining experience, Select Manufacturing Group "SMG" is the one stop shop for all of your casting and machining needs. 

*Foundry tooling - wood patterns to steel molds

*Castings - Aluminum, Bronze, and Iron 

*Machining - high precision, close tolerance, low and high volume
*Weldments and fabrication

*Supply chain and logistics management (including freight, warehousing, JIT, KanBan)

*Engineering to provide solutions for any concept or existing product. State of the art software and efficient technologies to create custom solutions to deliver individual components as well as fully integrated and tested assemblies.

SMG - Your one stop manufacturing (casting and machining) shop!

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SMG Sales

Longview, Texas 75605


SMG Manufacturing and Warehousing

Lubbock, Texas 79043



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